As a writer, my stories are defined by daring adventure, action, and mystery, with a sprinkling of humour for good measure. Fuelling all of this is a strong connection to history, global cultures, and nature.

This approach has found its way into novels, picture books, script writing, cultural journalism, non-fiction, and poetry, as you can see below...
Pumpkin and Stretch (2020, picture book)
Look through the gallery here for examples of my culture column and weekly articles in Estonian Life newspaper, Toronto)
More articles can be read through this link:
The Language of Expression (non-fiction, 2017)
The Scared Foreigner’s Guide to: Estonian (phrase guide and structure guide, 2017)
Old Depictions and New Impressions: The Cultural Considerations of the Russo-Japanese War (non-fiction, 2016)
The Sable Majesty: Legends and Inspired Folklore of Estonia, written and adapted into English (short stories, 2014)
Words from a Pharisee: A Volume of Poetry (2014)
With Further Consequences: A Volume of Poetry (2013)
Lyrics and Poetry for the New Aesthetic Beat Movement (2013)
The Integration of Estonian Immigrants into the United States of America (non-fiction, 2012)