Ready to Repeat!: Music from the World of Pumpkin and Stretch —Vincent Teetsov
The Place Called Home (2021 album)—Vincent Teetsov
Diggin' Up (2020 single)—Vincent Teetsov
Heard (2020 single)—Vincent Teetsov
Known Ratio (2020 EP)—Known Ratio
Giro (2019 EP)—Eimaniere
Roar in the Garbage Can (2018 album)—Vincent Teetsov
Novelty Citizen (2018 EP)— Novelty Citizen
Scarlet Barn (2017 single)—Birkrigg
Alan (official film soundtrack, 2017)—Vincent Teetsov
Polka Hits (2017 album)—Fun Protection Factor
Man Above, Man Below (2016 single)—DOS DIGIT
Mõis (2016 single)—DOS DIGIT
Ground Work (2016 EP)—Novelty Citizen
Under Construction (2016 single)—DOS DIGIT
Tom Heinar & Vincent Teetsov (2016 album)
Abuelito Soledad (2015 EP)—Novelty Citizen
Movie Tracks (2015 EP)—DOS DIGIT
The 55 Session/Old Moods (2015 EP)—Novelty Citizen
The Sun Sets South of Here (2015 single)—Michał Rogala, featuring Novelty Citizen
Welsh Landscapes OST (2015 EP)—Vincent Teetsov
Keep Out and Come Back (2015 single)—Novelty Citizen
Hey Ho (2014 single)—Vincent Teetsov
Birchwood to Bracken: Demos from 2014 (EP)—Vincent Teetsov
Tin Pan Alley (2014 album)—Viajero