As a writer, my stories are defined by daring adventure, action, and mystery, with a sprinkling of humour for good measure. Fuelling all of this is a strong connection to history, global cultures, and nature.

This approach has found its way into novels, picture books, script writing, cultural journalism, non-fiction, and poetry, as you can see below...
Pumpkin and Stretch (2020, picture book)
The Language of Expression (non-fiction, 2017)
The Scared Foreigner’s Guide to: Estonian (phrase guide and structure guide, 2017)
Old Depictions and New Impressions: The Cultural Considerations of the Russo-Japanese War (non-fiction, 2016)
The Sable Majesty: Legends and Inspired Folklore of Estonia, written and adapted into English (short stories, 2014)
Words from a Pharisee: A Volume of Poetry (2014)
With Further Consequences: A Volume of Poetry (2013)
Lyrics and Poetry for the New Aesthetic Beat Movement (2013)
The Integration of Estonian Immigrants into the United States of America (non-fiction, 2012)