Vincent Teetsov is a writer and musician, currently working as a journalist. In addition to creating stories and songs, he's also the co-creator of the children's book brand Pumpkin & Stretch.
As a writer, his stories are defined by daring adventure, action, and mystery, with a sprinkling of humour for good measure. Fuelling all of this is a strong connection to history, global cultures, and nature. This approach has found its way into novels, picture books, scriptwriting, cultural journalism, non-fiction, poetry, and his songwriting.

As a musician, he creates songs with a focus on steady grooves and storytelling. Within a catchy framework, he depicts themes that might otherwise be overlooked, such as starting life from scratch in a new language or learning to get along with a hypothetical AI doppelgänger.

No matter what medium he works with, though, he ultimately seeks to communicate from a perspective of sincerity and curiosity about the world.
CONTACT/BOOKING: vincent.teetsov (at) gmail (dot) com